After over two weeks in the Azores and a crew change, Firefly leaves Ponta Delgada bound for Lymington

Picture shows skipper Stewart Whiting, aka Captain Cantankerous, outside the Cafe Sport in Horta.

Firefly arrived in Horta from Antigua at midnight on 10 June and two days later crew members Duncan and Ross left for the flight home and owner Andrew Bray moved on board, later joined by friends Robert and Linda. After exploring Horta they sailed firstly for Angra do Heroismo on the beautiful island of Terceira where, having survived an evening running with the bulls, they left for Ponta Delgada where they arrived at the same time s the front runners of the Azores and Back fleet. Andrew and Linda left after a few days, James Jermain joined ship and the intrepid, bearded trio, now named Captains Cantankerous (Stewart), Courageous (Robert) and Calamity (James) sailed for Lymington at 1300 on 26 June. James reports from on board.

1400 GMT, 26 June Position: 3 miles west of Ponta Delgada

At 1300 today Firefly departed Ponta Delgada. Straight away the crew were battling boisterous 19 knot northerlies as they pounded their way north…and then straight into a calm patch. Despite persistent (now cured) plumbing problems the crew are in good spirits, although the forecast suggests that the Stugeron will be needed with a depression promising 30 knots sitting across our track.

Until tomorrow, then, Ciao