Sari Multala of Finland now has a nine-point lead at the Europe Europeans

With one day left to go at the Europe Europeans in Nieuwpoort, Belgium, Sari Multala of Finland, looks unstoppable on her quest to becoming the champion.

Adding two more first places yesterday, to her already impressive score line, she has a nine-point lead over second placed Trine Abraharnsen of Denmark.

RYA team GBR sailor Debbie Winstanley scored a 17th and an 18th to move her up into 21st place overall with team mates Bryony Percy in 23rd after scoring a 50th and a 14th and Kirsty Bonar in 32nd after scoring two 30th places.

Results (after day four)

Gold fleet

1, Sari Multala, FIN (1,1,(14),1,2,1,1,1) 8 pts

2, Trine Julie Abraharnsen, DEN (2,2,(28),3,1,1,2,6) 17 pts

3, Christine Petzke, GER (3,2,2,3,9,15,5,(22)) 39 pts


21, Debbie Winstanley ((18),12,4,13,16,9,17,18) 89 pts

23, Bryony Percy (4,16,5,16,15,21,(50),14) 91 pts

32, Kirsty Bonar (22,16,4,12,(30),18,30,30) 132 pts

35, Andrea Brewster (28,24,8,10,(38),28,20,24) 142 pts

53, Catherine Stenhouse (32,20,8,32,38,33,(54),31) 204 pts

60, Lizzie Vickers ((BFD),29,7,37,26,32,57,29) 216 pts