Britain's Sam Davies protested after being forced onto rocks, damaging Skandia, on leg 1 of the Figaro solo

The international jury, who oversees the correct application of the race
rules, met yesterday in La Rochelle to run through the 14 cases presented
since the start of the race; Jean-Bertrand Mothes Massé presided over the
meeting. The most significant and “serious” case however, was that of
Samantha Davies on Skandia and Jorg Riechers on Germanytoo.

At the race start in the bay of Perros-Guirec, on the first inshore course
just south of the small turret at the ‘île Tomé, both boats were racing
neck and neck. At the passage of this mark, which is in placed as danger
warning, the outer boat must leave enough water for the inside boat to
pass. However, Jorg Riechers “visibly cut the corner”. The results are
known; Skandia’s keel kit the rocks which caused serious damage to the
boat. The jury sees this as a “serious case” and Jorg Riechers has been
given the maximum penalty; disqualification on the leg, which puts him
last on the ranking. He therefore is given the time of the final
competitor plus a 2 hour penalty. As for Sam, she is given 5 minutes
compensation and so moves up three places to 23rd.