Arrival in St Lucia means the chance to unwind, and time to enjoy the local spirit, as the crew of Firefly demonstrated on Thursday morning

Whenever a yacht arrives in Rodney Bay at the end of their ARC crossing, they are given a glass of rum punch each, and a fruit basket with a bottle of St Lucia’s own Bounty Rum as its centre piece. There are few yachts that don’t take advantage of this gift immediately, no matter what time they arrive, andFirefly’s crew was no exception.

Safely moored at the end of their crossing by 0830 on Thursday, the chance to rest without the rigours of the watch or the noise of the ocean was quickly grabbed – as Duncan Kent demonstrates here.

I am told that he was not solely responsible for the draining of the bottle – a large part of the credit has to go to our steamed editor Andrew Bray, himself enjoying a well deserved rest below decks at this point.

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