Fedor Konyukhov learns of icebergs threatening his route across the South Atlantic 27/3/08

Day 60: Fedor Konyukhov, the Russian solo yachtsman attempting a record circumnavigation around the Antarctica Cup Racetrack is calling for “water…no Ice” today after learning of icebergs as high as 45°S that are threatening his route across the South Atlantic.

C-CORE, the Canadian iceberg-tracking agency, can detect bergs as small as 100m in size, and has warned of one at 45S 8W, the same latitude that Fedor is sailing along. The problem for Konyukhov is the millions of fragments or ‘growlers’ that will have broken off these vast icebergs and drifted further north, which neither the satellites nor the radar on Fedor’s 85ft yachtTrading Network Alye Parusacan pick up.

Race organisers based in Western Australia, the start and finish point for this record attempt, have already closed the inner lane of this 3-lane Racetrack between 55-60°S because of the thousands of bergs now drifting northwards from the Ross Sea. Today, they issued a ‘Temporary Rules Relaxation’, and have instructed Konyukhov to adopt a Waypoint outside the northern boundary of the Outer Lane for a period of time.

As regards the weather conditions, these appear more predictable. N-NW 40-50 knot winds are forecast over the 28 and 29 March. For more information, or to follow Fedor’s progress, visit www.antarcticacup.com .