The Flying Dutchman fleet continued their open meeting series at Oxford Sailing Club last weekend

On the weekend of 16-17 October the Flying Dutchman fleet continued their open meeting series at Oxford Sailing Club. Saturday started rather dull and overcast and little wind. At the scheduled start time there was no wind and a postponement was signalled.

Two hours later some wind appeared and the race officer set a small triangular course. The fleet got underway first time and at the windward mark Julian Bridges crewed by new crew Pippa Olaf led the race. At the end of the first reach Toby Dale/ James Cole crept inside Bridges/ Olaf as they rounded the gybe mark. With the wind becoming lighter several place changes occurred with the fleet staying close together. On the second beat the right side of the course found a little more wind, and Dale/ Cole retained their lead to the finish.

Almost immediately after the finish a short hailstorm brought fresh wind and another course was set. At the start the wind had dropped from 15 knots to 10 and continued to drop up the first beat. Dale/ Cole led at the mark followed by Peter Doran/ Richard Phillips who were just in front of Bridges/ Olaf. The wind continued to die until there was nothing left and the race officer made a popular decision to abandon the race.

Sunday was overcast but with 10-15 knots of wind. The FDs raced with the normal OSC club races. The morning race with a north-westerly wind found Dale/Cole first round the windward mark closely followed by Bridges/Olaf. Doran/Phillips were next, followed by Dawn Barsley crewed for their first outing together by Jamie Wittaker. The first reach was tight for spinnaker although Dale/Cole carried theirs. On the next reach Dale/Cole again carried the spinnaker but were unable to make the mark with it. A short run took the fleet to the leeward mark. During the four rounds Doran/Phillips got in front of Bridges/Olaf , but soon dropped back to third. These three retained these positions until the finish.

In the afternoon race the course included three reaches downwind with broader angles. Again Dale/Cole dominated, leading the rest of the fleet at the first mark, again followed by Bridges/Olaf. On the second reach Doran/Phillips went low and got past Bridges/Olaf and had caught Dale/Cole by the leeward mark. Behind Bridges/Olaf were followed by Richard Austin who was also with a new crew Oliver Mannschaft. The three leading boats retained these positions round the next three laps, giving Dale/Cole first place in every race. Bridges/Olaf were second overall followed by Doran/Phillips.

The Oxford Tankard Trophy was later presented to the winning pair Toby Dale and James Cole.