Massimo Mezzaroma's Nerone has taken an 11pt lead after the second day of the Rolex Farr 40 worlds

The 37-boat Rolex Farr 40 fleet at Yacht Club Costa Smeralda enjoyed superb conditions in 19-23 knot winds for the second day of the World championship yesterday. The big winner of the day was Massimo Mezzaroma’s Nerone, now holding an 11 point lead over John Coumantaris’ second placed Bambakou.

Mezzaroma commented after the racing: “This is big fun. It is a dream to be in this position right now. I think only Olympic classes racing could be better than this? We have put in a lot of work over the last two years. We have sailed every race and have spent a lot of time two-boat tuning with other boats. Our philosophy is to remain in the top ten in every race. Take no risks and stay out of the protest room.”

With 30 kts plus forecast for today, competitors should experience some exciting racing for the third day of the event. Results (after five races)

1 Nerone Massimo Mezzaroma, Vasco Vascotto 14,1,2,2,4/23pts

2 Bambakou, John Coumantaros Chris Larson 1,7,6,12,8/34 pts

3 Barking Mad, Jim Richardson Terry Hutchinson 14.5,2,14,4,1/35.5 pts

4 Morning Glory, Hasso Plattner Dee Smith 13,20,3,7,3/46 pts

5 Nela, Michael Illbruck John Kostecki 19,16,18,1,2/56 pts

6 Game On, Oswald/Bainbridge Anthony Haines 11,11,16,8,10/56 pts

7 Warpath, Steve & Fred Howe John Cutler 22,8,1,20,11/62

8 Le Renard, Steve Phillips Kevin Hall 4,3,23,15,23/68

9 Southern Star, John Calvert-Jones Grant Simmer 17,34,9,5,5/70

10 Seven, Alberto Signorini Tommasso Chieffi 8,10,15,14,24/71 pts