The final day's racing at the Expert Olympic Garda 2004 took place yesterday but lack of wind made for yet another long day on the water

It was a slow end for the Expert Olympic Garda 2004, the Italian event of the racing circuit reserved to the Olympic classes organised by the Italian Sailing Federation in collaboration with the Fraglia Vela Riva and the Fraglia Vela Malcesine.

Yesterday morning the competitors were greeted by a grey mist over lake Garda and no breeze. Most classes left the dock on schedule between 8am and 9am, but the northerly breeze (Peler) didn’t kick in as usual. With a very light wind, only the Star and Yngling fleets were able to complete two races.

The Race Committee had no choice but wait on the water until racing for the remaining classes was finally called off at around 1230, when all the competitors headed back to shore. In the Yngling class, the crews battled for the podium right until the very end. The final victory went to Schuemann-Buelle-Lippert (Germany, with 41 points total, followed by Giakoumidou-Dimitrakopoulou-Mantzaraki (Greece, with 42 points, and Stegenwalner-Koschinsky-Grunow (Germany, with 47 points. Italians Conti-Baroni-Marenzi, third the previous day, were unable to make it to the podium and finished fourth with 49 points. In the Star class, Roy Heiner-Alex Breuseker (Holland) confirmed their lead wi th two victories in the last two races of the event and a total of 22 points. Pelekanakis-Kondogouris (Greece) were able to reach the podium with a ninth and a fifth placing in the last two races and two discards; also the Italians Celon-Lambertenghi were able to reach the top three with a seventh and a second placing in this last day. Westergaard-Neergard (Denmark) and Shaiduko-Smirnov (Russia), who last night were second and third, came fourth and fifth overall.

Overall Results

Women’s Mistral (total 10 races)

Alessandra Sensini (Italy, – 11 pts

Romy Kinzl (Germany, – 24 pts

Olga Maslivets (Ukraine, 3.3.DNF. – 28 pts

Men’s Mistral (total 10 races)

Samuel Launay (France, – 27 pts

Toni Wilhelm (Germany, – 40 pts

Max Oberemko (Ukraine, – 42 pts

Europe (total 10 races)

Lenka Smidova (Czecoslovakia – 20 pts

Sophie De Turckheim (France, – 39 pts

Weronika Glenkiewicz (Poland, – 44 pts

Laser (total 10 races)

Daniel Birgmark (Sweden, – 28 pts

Jeremie Steyaert (France, – 31 pts

Diego Negri (Italy, – 67 pts

49er (total 12 races)

Sibello-Sibello (Italy, – 13 pts

Delle Karth-Resch (Austria, 2.3.DNF.DNC. – 24 pts

Modena-Modena (Italy, OCS. – 24 pts

Men’s 470 (total 10 races)

Zandonà-Trani (Italy, – 24 pts

Fonda-Zucchetti (Italy, – 33 pts

Ishibashi- Goto (Japan, – 44 pts

Women’s 470 (total 10 races)

Rothweiler-Leu (Germany, – 19 pts

Dekleva-Maucec (Slovenia, – 26 pts

Vogl-Flatscher (Austria, – 39 pts

Finn (total 9 races)

Rafael Trujillo (Spain, 5.1.DNF. – 36 pts

Emilios Papathanassiou (Greece, 8.DNF. – 45 pts

Ali Enver Adakan (Turkey, – 47 pts

Yngling (total 12 races)

Schuemann-Buelle-Lippert (Germany, – 41 pts

Giakoumidou-Dimitrakopoulou-Mantzaraki (Greece, – 42 pts

Stegenwalner-Koschinsky-Grunow (Germany,

Star (total 12 races)

Heiner-Breuseker (Holland, – 22 pts

Pelekanakis-Kondogouris (Greece, – 53 pts

Celon-Lambertenghi (Italy, – 57 pts