It's a frustrating time for those onboard Kingfisher as they wait for the approaching low pressure system and the hope of stronger winds

Ellen reports from onboard Kingfisher:

“This morning is very cold and wet. The sky is filled with a fine mist as the sky drizzles on us. We are once again in a depression, our respite from the wind and lashing waves short, but sweet. We ate well, changed the faulty anemometer at the top of the rig, and dried out Kingfisher ready for her next session. From the top of the rig I could see far far over the rolling waves. The seascape opened out beneath me, and the approaching front clear to the west in the sky… Despite the rolling waves, the motion of kingfisher was quite steady – with just the occasional jerky wave, which left you praying that at that time you weren’t doing a 2-handed job! Big reminders of the Vendee whilst hanging there a the top of the rig… And at the end of the job to be lowered down made me feel more like I was dropping floors in a lift at the Hilton!

The low pressure ridge seemed to doom us. Sill and Mike sailed straight through, where as we lost a frustrating 16 miles. We had no wind for two hours, and made tacking in the waves atrocious.

All is well onboard though, Kingfisher is sailing fast and efficiently and we’re spending quite a lot of time looking at the rather complicated weather system we have ahead right now…”