Londoners will be able to greet B&Q as Ellen sails up the Thames this Sunday

This Sunday 20 February, Ellen MacArthur, will helm her record-breaking 75ft trimaran B&Q up the River Thames before speaking live on stage next to the Cutty Sark, in Greenwich.

This special visit to Britain’s capital city is in recognition of all the support from well-wishers around the UK.

Four years ago after finishing second in the non-stop solo Vendée Globe race around the world, Ellen sailed her Kingfisher to the UK’s capital city to thank everyone for their support. This Sunday Ellen will once again be returning to London – the home port of registration for both B&Q and Kingfisher.

The activities will centre around the famous orange trimaran navigating the River Thames from Greenwich up to Tower Bridge before returning to a pontoon close to Greenwich Pier where Ellen will disembark to appear on stage in Cutty Sark Gardens to talk about her 71 day, 14 hour, 18 minute and 33 second record voyage around the world. B&Q will be berthed near the Cutty Sark, one of the most famous ‘record-breaking’ tea clippers.

Ellen said: “I can honestly say that there were a couple of times when continuing with the record seemed beyond me and what kept me going were the team, who had put such a huge amount of effort into this project, and the public who sent a constant stream of messages via in support of what we were doing. You cannot believe what a great motivator that is, to know that people from all walks of life, of all ages, from all over the UK are just willing you on.”

You can watch Ellen from the banks of the River Thames between Greenwich and Tower Bridge, and hear her speak at the Cutty Sark Gardens. The trimaran will be berthed at a pontoon moored away from the river bank so it will not be possible for the public to view the trimaran directly.

And you can track the progress of the trimaran’s journey from her arrival port in Falmouth on the west coast all the way round to entry to the River Thames. The B&Q trimaran plans to depart Falmouth tomorrow afternoon Thursday 17 February to make the delivery trip to Greenwich.

Go to Team Ellen for the latest information.

DAY EVENTS:(Timings are approximate and subject to river/weather conditions on the day)

10.00 am Trimaran navigates up the River Thames up to Tower Bridge from Greenwich

11.00 am Trimaran approaching Tower Bridge and turning before bridge to head back to Greenwich (the trimaran will NOT pass under Tower Bridge)

12.00 pm Trimaran arrives back at Greenwich to berth at floating pontoon. Ellen to disembark and transfer by RIB to land

12.30 pm Ellen on main stage to speak about her record attempt, BBC’s sailing commentator Richard Simmonds

12.50 pm Ellen to board Cutty Sark for opportunity to meet B&Q staff

1.30 pm Ellen departs