After a week of flying down the North Atlantic, Ellen MacArthur is settling down and is now over half a day ahead of Joyon

It’s now exactly one week since Ellen MacArthur set off from the startline between Ushant and the Lizard on her singlehanded global speed record attempt. She had a rough start and a fairly stressful time but speaking from the boat this morning she seems to have settled into the routine and speaks highly of her 75ft trimaran, B&Q. “She’s fantastic and feels really safe, even in the squalls.”

Ellen is currently 14 hours and 13 minutes ahead of the record the record set by Francis Joyon and the latest data from the boat shows she doing 15.35kts of boatspeed in 11.3kt of wind.

Her next tactical dilemma is the Doldrums. Less wind and variable direction expected over next 24-48 hours as Ellen reaches the region and news from Commanders’ Weather this morning has directed Ellen to a ‘passage gate’ at 27-28 west.

To beat Francis Joyon’s record, MacArthur will have to cross the finish line by 0704 on 9 February 2005.