Eight RS Elite keelboats will be racing at the Royal Burnham YC this summer

A new fleet of the 24ft RS Elite keelboats will be based at the Royal Burnham Yacht Club on the River Crouch in Essex, following the club’s decision to set about pro-actively increasing their racing activity.

They identified the need for a keelboat that is convenient, cost effective and exciting. Specifically, shallow draft and a symmetrical spinnaker to suit their restricted water, three person for easy crewing, low maintenance and strict one-design for reduced campaign costs. The RS Elite was developed in response to Hayling Island SC’s desire for exactly such a boat, so it is no surprise that it also suits to the RBYC perfectly. The broad appeal of the Elite has seen the class grow from an initial order for seven boats at Hayling to a fleet of 12 already.

After test sailing the Elite at Burnham the enthusiasm escalated. “The Elite is a joy to sail” said Commodore John Hooper. But new fleets do not happen by chance. A concerted effort on behalf of Hooper and his team resulted in agreement for use of some club loans in a joint venture with a number of members to kick-start the fleet. This initiative will not only benefit the club through increased use of its lovely facilities, but will also lock the boats into Burnham, preventing any dispersion during the crucial formative years.

A meeting at the club on Saturday 11 December culminated in an order for seven Elites, which has already grown to eight! The boats are due to be delivered in time for the start of the season and the excitement will undoubtedly build the numbers from then on. For details at racing at the Royal Burnham YC telephone 01621 782044. For more information on the Elilte contact RS Racing on 023 8027 4500.