Dickies Yacht Sales has won a protest over a mark rounding incident with Telefonica Movistar at the Admiral's Cup

Dickies Yacht Sales of the Royal Southern Yacht Club’s team has won a protest knocking the King Juan Carlos-led Spanish team on Telefonica Movistar off the perch at the top of the Admiral’s Cup fleet.

The protest was over a mark rounding incident in the third race of IMS fleet between Movistar which, having rounded the mark, was heading downwind on starboard tack, and Dickies approaching the windward mark on port tack. Movistar was disqualified for a breach of Rule 16 (Changing Course) – as starboard tack boat Movistar was obliged by rule 16 not to change course without giving Dickies room to keep clear.

For full protest report see: www.rorc.org/admiralscup