Delta Dore is relaunched after months of critical analysis from its sailing team 23/5/08

While part of the fleet of 60′ IMOCA monohulls is currently crossing the Atlantic in The Artemis Transat, Delta Dore, Jeremie Beyou’s monohull, has just been relaunched after three months of fine-tuning and adjustments. Jeremy Beyou will now prepare for his major goal, the Vendee Globe.

Since her return from South Africa, the Delta Dore has been the subject of critical analysis from its sailing team. Following her dismasting in the Barcelona World Race, the team wanted each modification on the boat to be checked thoroughly, with the aim of limiting the risks of breakage: “The work was really to make her reliable. We re-examined the steering system,” explained Jeremie Beyou, “the rudder raising mechanism and the keel ram. We resealed her to make her watertight, checked over the electrical system, the plumbing and the ballast systems. Any parts showing signs of wear and tear were replaced. Some were taken apart for the first time if they showed the slightest imperfections. The boat’s centre-line and the composite parts were closely analysed.”

At the same time as the construction of his new mast, it was necessary to carry out some modifications: “We started afresh with the deck and modified the layout. The bow section has been modified in order to simplify manoeuvres and to enable the sailor to find his balance with the installation of large footrests.”

Roland Jourdain’s monohull, Veolia Environnement was also relaunched this week: freshly painted; fitted with a new engine; improved rudder system; and a new mast strengthened at the base.

“The hardest part was waiting for the boat to return from Australia,” Roland Jourdain commented. “In general we kept to schedule. Everything that needed to be X-rayed and thoroughly checked was… It was in fact during this that we discovered a small crack in the ball at the base of the mast. So it was well worth examining that closely. As for the rudders, we took everything apart to fine-tune the system. This is an area, where we wanted to be extremely cautious, so we were very thorough in our investigations.”

The timing is going to be very tight over the next few months with a series of training trips, meetings determined by the calendar and the all-important 1500-mile qualifying passage, which Roland will have to complete before 1st July to validate his new mast.

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