After a few days of big winds, Dee Caffari managed to shake out a couple of reefs and enjoy a pleasant sail last night

Report time/date 1128/ 29 November

I can assure you that last night was a quiet night. Apart from shaking out a couple of reefs and watching a large vessel alter course to avoid me. That was pretty much the course for the night.

The stars shone, which is a sight that I hadn’t seen for a couple of nights and the phosphorescence was back with a vengeance. Sailing last night I could almost begin to enjoy it all.

I managed to catch some extra sleep last night as well and my body was thankful for that, I still have some aches and pains around though. Hopefully some warmth from the sun will help cure that.

I also managed to say hello to another Challenge Yacht that is sailing across the Atlantic on the ARC, there was lots of interference so it was no more than a hello, but I shall try and talk to them again this evening.

I have some technical chores to do today as the weather is better and I am more awake.

I shall speak again tomorrow.


Dee and Aviva