Dee Caffari uses the light winds as a chance to get Aviva ready for the Azores 11/5/06

Date11 May at 0032

PositionN 35° 32′ / W 24° 35′

We had a great day sailing today. With a forecast of light winds I was pleasantly surprised to hook into a band of stronger winds last night that stayed with us all day making good progress. We had a blue sky with fluffy white cumulus cloud and sunshine in between.

This however is not the case tonight as I watched the sun sink below the horizon I looked to the sky ahead. It was completely clear, not a cloud in sight and as we sailed towards this magnificent sky the wind dropped. Now we have returned to inching along a flat sea with a very light breeze. The moon is approaching a full moon and it is shining upon us like a spotlight. It would be vastly improved with some more wind.

Tomorrow we should move into some stronger wind as we close in on a low-pressure system near the Azores.

I shall use these lighter winds to not only have some time to reflect on what we have done so far but also to give Aviva a once over so she is ready for the strong winds to carry us home.

Dee & Aviva