Jan Moller is hoping to become the first Dane and Scandinavian to sail singlehanded round the world

Jan Moller, the Danish sailor who is attempting to become the first Dane and Scandinavian to sail singlehanded, non-stop around the world, is on the final run home after 145 days at sea. Moller, who left Copenhagen at the end of September last year on his 27,500nm journey in 3M Innovation, an Open 40, crossed the Equator two days ago and is currently heading up the north Atlantic back towards Copenhagen.

Not surprisingly, having logged a total of 26,500 miles including the full force of the Southern Ocean, 3M Innovations has her fair share of damage including a problem with the canting keel, damage to one of the daggerboards, and a broken mast track which prevents the mainsail being fully hoisted.

Despite these problems however, she has logged some impressive runs, 210 miles on average in the Sourthern Ocean and several 200-mile days in the doldrums. Speaking from the boat today Moller said: “I finally had some useful winds yesterday from the north-west, backing to the south-west. Right now the small gennaker is pulling us north with 10 knots. There seems to have been quite a storm further north as we have a big swell coming right at us! The plan is to head as quickly north as possible as a high is coming in behind the south-west wind and create a sunny but windless ocean. “I am looking forward to coming home, sailing with all these damages demands constant vigilance and attention – and that wears you out little by little.”

Current position

2 51.68′ N, 33 04.52′ W