Leaking diesel tank forces Velux 5 Oceans Race skipper Graham Dalton to take a pitstop 29/1/07

Leaking diesel tank contaminating a third of his food stores has forced Graham Dalton, the New Zealand solo skipper racing his Open 50 A Southern MAN AGD in the Velux 5 Oceans to take a pitstop.

Dalton pulled into the port of Bluff, New Zealand, at the southern-most point of the South Island at 1630 GMT on Saturday and will now await the delivery of food to replace the ruined stores. Dalton will have to respect the 48 hour time penalty in the race rules for receiving outside assistance, meaning he can re-commence racing at 1630 GMT today.

Graham Dalton is still ahead of Unai Basurko (ESP) and Sir Robin Knox-Johnston (GBR) in third position in the second leg of the round the world race, but the 48 hour pit stop will most likely push the Kiwi skipper to the back.