Russell Coutts and Ellen MacArthur go head to head on level playing field 2/2/07

Russell Coutts and Ellen MacArthur will see themselves battle it out on a level playing field this morning when they go head to head in a four-man bob in the Omega Bobsleigh Cup in St Moritz.

Coutts and MacArthur together with fellow Omega Brand ambassador Olympic Finn gold medallist Mateusz Kusnierewicz are special ‘Sailors on Ice’guests at the Omega World Cup which is taking place in the glitzy St Moritz venue over the next couple of days.

Top racing sailor Coutts, MacArthur and Kusnierewicz are currently at the top of the run preparing themselves for the 1,700m decent on the Olympia Bob Run.

Apparently the Celerina run which was built in 1904 decends 130m in an altitude through hairpin turns and curves where the sailors are likely to experience five times the force of gravity as they speed through these curves, faster than anything they’ve ever experienced before (more than 145km per hour). Even MacArthur was looking fairly concerned this morning as she headed for the the slopes!