Hasso Plattner withdraws Morning Glory from the event

The penultimate day of Cork Week 2004 was dominated by the news of Hasso Plattner’s decision to withdraw Morning Glory from the event. The decision appears to be a result of the intense rivalry between the German maxi and rival Z86-footer Pyewacket owned by Californian Roy Disney.

Yesterday (Thursday) saw Morning Glory protest Pyewacket over allegedly failing to give space when rounding the leeward mark during the first race of the day. The protest was upheld by a five-member International Jury but Morning Glory has already ended its series and did not start the afternoon race.

Meanwhile, the final day of racing for the 499-boat fleet sees few classes with certain outcomes though most have narrowed their contenders to just a few boats. Inevitably, the tented village at the Royal Cork Yacht Club was the liveliest it has been all week last night (Thursday) with crews taking full advantage of the extensive entertainment options.

In the 1720 Sportsboat fleet, Graeme Scott’s King Quick leads the class while pre-event favourite Anthony O’Leary on Antix has just Friday’s racing to make the 11-point leap from fifth overall.

The Laser SB3, X332, Impalas, Mixed Sportsboats, Gentlemen No Spinnaker and ECHO classes are all wide open among the leaders in each.

Just Class 3 under IRC handicap is certain with Robin Aisher’s Yeomantix continuing her three-day lead of the 39-boat division with an eleven point lead and a sixth place discard.

Hanging in the balance is the outcome of several classes such as the IRM fleet where Peter Harrison’s Chernikeef 2 holds a slender two-point lead over David McLean’s Babbalaas.

George’s Sisk’s Wow from Dublin leads Class 1 with a two-point lead from Christopher Sharples’ Maverick 2. In Class 6, Howth Yacht Club’s Anthony Gore-Grimes has one of the best scores of any boat in the regatta counting four firsts and an eighth.

Class Zero will be close affair though Disney’s Pyewacket seems to be the clear favourite. The battle for second and third places remains open however, and Robert Elliott’s Erivale continues to hold Colm Barrington’s Flying Glove in check.


IRC0 Race 5 1 Morning Glory (H Plattner); 2 Constanter (W Mesdag); Satori (S Blom)

IRC0 Race 6 1 Pyewacket (R Disney); 2 Chippewa (C Deutsch); 3 Satori (S Blom)

IRM Race 5 1 Babbalaas (D McLean); 2 2XL (D Murrin); 3 WOLF (G Williams)

IRM Race 6 1 Chernikeeff 2 (P Harrison); 2 Babbalaas (D McLean); 3 WOLF (G Williams)

IRC1 Race 5 1 Wow (G Sisk); 2 Blue Magic (R Napier); 3 Wight Link (B Archer)

IRC1 Race 6 1 Wow (G Sisk); 2 Dark Angel (E Connelly); 3 Freya (C Doyle)

IRC2 Race 6 1 Tarka (N Jones0; 2 Salvo (P Morton); 3 Trilogy 2 (J G Samzun)

IRC3 Race 6 1 Yeomantix (R Aisher); 2 Vixen (Cowper & Jones) 3 Merlin (Moreau)

IRC4 Race 5 1 Jacana (B Douglas); 2 Inis-Mor (B Gouy); 3 TBS/DSM (J Burgaud)

IRC4 Race 6 1 Inis-Mor (B Gouy); 2 Jacana (B Douglas); 3 TBS/DSM (J Burgaud)

IRC5 Race 5 1 Fixation (N Fullagher); 2 Ruthless (M Pearson); 3 Dick Dastardly (B Cunningham)

IRC5 Race 6 1 Fixation (N Fullagher); 2 Morning Dew (Y Lanier); 3 Dick Dastardly (B Cunningham), 3 Ruthless (M Pearson)

IRC6 Race 5 1 Dux (A Gore-Grimes); 2 Respect (T Brennan); 2 Celebration W.H. Jennings

IRC6 Race 6 1 Respect (T Brennan); 2 Antix (J G Allen); 3 Le Big Mc (J Mc Carthy)

IRC7 Race 5 1 Sighaith (P McCarthy); 2 Purple Haze (A Dodd); 3 Starflash (B Rothero)

IRC7 Race 6 1 Throbber (S Rees); 2 Cool Runnings Too (J Twomey); 3 Starflash (B Rothero)

Sigma 38 Race 6 1 Supernatural (Cahill); 2 Flying Formula (The Hong Kong Bunch); 3 Vitesse (J England)

Sigma 33 Race 6 1 White Mischief (T Goodbody); 2 Honey of Bosham (J Platt); 3 Squawk (C Porteous)

Sigma 33 Race 7 1 Whippa Snappa (R Puddifoot); 2 Squawk (C Porteous); 3 Sea Hawk (C McElligott)

Gentlemen No Spinaker Restricted Race 6 1 Cornovaille Magic 2 (Cornouaille Nautique); 2 MGM Boats (R O’Leary); 3 Fastrack V (N De Quervain Colley)

Gentlemen No Spinaker cat 1 2 Sailors Race 6 1 Singita (L Johnston; 2 SplashDance (G d’Esterre Roberts); 3 Enigma of Tamar (J Dryburgh)

ECHO Race 6 1 El Nino (P O’Reilly; 2 Gums N Roses (J Rose); 3 Genesis (D Gray)

Mixed Sports Boats Race 6 1 Gentelman’s Club (P Heys); 2 4 Walls 4 Sale (T Rayer); 3 Pure 6 (McClure & Moore)

X332 Race 5 1 Roxanne (R & LSmith); 2 Yellow Rose (M Ringers); 3 Peanut (J Butler)

X332 Race 6 1 Peanut (J Butler); 2 Yellow Rose (M Ringers); 3 Roxanne (R & L Smith)

1720 Race 6 1 Express Security Group (S Douglas); 2 Twister (Smith & Saunders); 3 Aquatack (D Faherty)

1720 Race 7 1 King Quick (G Scott); 2 Twister (Smith & Saunders); 3 Wet N Black (P Reilly)

Hunter 707 Race 5 1 Charlie Fish (I May); 2 Pocket Battleship (M Gillet); 3 Black Sheep James Ross

Hunter 707 Race 6 1 Hong Kong Phooey (D Francis); 2 Pocket Battleship (M Gillet); 3 Black Sheep (J Ross)

Laser SB3 Race 6 1 Laser Sailing (C Blackburn); 2 Baby Blue (B Shelley); 3 Whirlin Dervish (D Cheyne)

Laser SB3 Race 7 1 Baby Blue (B Shelley); 2 Laser Sailing (C Blackburn); 3 Stress Bunny (P Harrison)

IRC0C Race 5 1 Exabyte 3 (S Frohlich); 2 Follow me (S Kotsiouba); 3 Assauge-Alvine (H Evans)

IRC0C Race 6 1 Exabyte 3 (S Frohlich); 2 Follow me (S Kotsiouba); 3 Yeoman of Hamble (D Aisher)

Prima 38 Race 5 1 Wight Link (B Archer); 2 Bare Knuckles (R Gateshiul); 3 Another Nods (R Booth)

Prima 38 Race 6 1 Bare Knuckles (R Gateshiul); 2 Wight Link (B Archer); 3 White Knuckles (M Hughes)

Impala Race 5 1 Whistlin’ Dixie Ted Keelan; 2 Running Wild (R Sullivan); 3 Sprack (H English)

Impala Race 6 1 Whistlin’ Dixie (T Keelan); 2 Sprack (H English); 3 Running Wild