Light winds return for the third day of Cork Week 20/7/06

Cork Week provided a mixed bag of results yesterday thanks to the return of lighter conditions in stark contrast to the ‘Champagne sailing’ enjoyed by all 5000 sailors on Tuesday. The series has now passed its mid-point and save for a handful of classes, there are few certain overall winners in spite of very consistent results by leading contenders.

Today (Thursday) should see the event discard come into force for most of the fleet after their fifth race if not already sailed. This should serve to break several tied leaders but every race will count before Friday’s finale.

Four first places from four races is about as consistent as anyone could hope for and Colm Barrington’s overall lead of Class Zero on his new Ker 50 footer Magic Gloves is unsurprising to many from the seasoned Cork Week skipper.

A third place for Ger O’Rourke’s Cookson 50 Chieftain maintained his second place behind Benny Kelly’s TP52 Panthera in Class Super Zero while a second place for Bill Buckley and Charlie Browns’ Maximus was the New Zealand super maxi’s best result of the week so far.

A dying breeze and foul tide forced the abandonment of the coastal race for classes one and two though the majority of class three racing the same course were able to finish in time for a result that saw John Moorehead and Chris Ferres’ Bengal Magic win the long race to take the overall class lead.

Amongst the Laser SB3 Sportsboats, Christina Summerhayes’ Team McLaren retains the overall lead after she discarded a ninth compared to Ian Southworth’s second place discard and who is trailing by a single point.

Also in the Sportsboats, Charles Swingland’s Dark Side has taken the lead of the 1720s after Colm Gallavan’s Lemon was squeezed into second place by a ninth place in the single race of the day. The ousted class leader had delivered a hat-trick of first places on Tuesday in an unusually consistent performance for this demanding class.


IRC Super 0

1 Panthera Benny Kelly 6
2 Chieftain Ger O Rourke 11
3 Formidable 3 P.W. Vroon 13


1 Magic Glove Colm Barrington 4
2 Tiamat Tim Costello 12
3 Dark & Steamy Nick and Annie Haigh 12


1 Exabyte 4 Shaun Frohlich 9.5
2 Werewolf Jerry Otter 12.5
3 Farrfalina Robert Goddard 17


1 Jump Juice Conor and Denise Phelan 6
2 David Dwyer 9
3 Jump Stewart Hawthorn 12


1 Yeomantix Robin Aisher 7
2 Kiss David Pinner 11
3 Checkmate Mike McCarthy 11


1 Bengal Magic John Moorehead and Chris Ferres 11
2 Inis-Mor Bernard GOUY 13
3 Raptor Hewitt/Mc’Carthy 25


1 Blue Berret Pi E. Connellan/T. Madigan 7
2 Respect Tom Brennan 7
3 Fixation Nick Fullagar 8


1 Obsession VI Barry and David Rose 11
2 Zoom Baby Chris Horrigan 11
3 ALIG8R Brian McKernan 15


1 Bandit Ian Travers 9
2 Fawkes John C Twomey 10
3 Bluff Alex Ballot 15

Corporate Class

1 Joopster Impression Sailing 7
2 Aberlady Ann Ryan and Nick Hodshon 12
3 Lancelot Andy Byham 13

Gentlemans Class

1 Red Rhum Jonathon Nicholson 5.5
2 Crystal Light Michael Powell 15.5
3 Silver Breeze Mick McKenna 16


1 King Louie Fiona and Malcolm Thorpe 5
2 No Naked Flames Andrew Allen/Colm Monahan 8
3 Jumping Jellyfish David Richards 12


1 Brightwork Bob and Jon Baker 5
2 X-Rated John and Gair Gordon 15
3 Xpletive Michael John Crompton 16

Sigma 38

1 The Project Andy Budgen / Freddie Schwin 5
2 Errislannan Patrick Kirwan 8
3 Arbitrator Peter Hopps and Hilary Cook 11

Sunsail Sunfast 37

1 PSUK Sunsail 7
2 National Grid Sunsail 7
3 Agave Avengers Sunsail 9

Mixed Sports Boats

1 Jenga Marie-Claude and Paul Heys 6
2 Elf Christine Leiper and Robin Murray 13
3 Junto Peter Kent and Malcolm Downie 16


1 Team Maclaren Christina Summerhayes 5
3 Charlie Fish-Team Steam Team Steam 14

Hunter 707

1 Darkness Patrick Miles 9
2 Begorrah ! Eddie Proctor 11
3 Cacciatore Richard A Barnes 11


1 Lemon Colin Galavan and Others 10
2 Wet n Black Nicholas O Leary 11
3 Antix 2 Peter O Leary 13

Beneteau 31.7

1 Flying Machine Barry Cunningham 5
2 Levante Brian Leyden/Michael Leahy 10
3 Eauvation Jason and Debbie Corlett 11

Prima 38

1 Another Nods Richard and Helen Booth 5
2 Mighty Max 3 Andy Williams 5
3 Longbow P Anderson 8