Gilmour leads on day three of the Congressional Cup

Peter Gilmour is back in first place with an 11-2 record on day three of the Congressional Cup in Long Beach.

Ed Baird is also in a strong position at 9-4 for a place in Saturday’s semifinals of the Swedish Match Tour event. Gavin Brady was 2-2 on the day to slip out of first place, but his 10-3 record (despite a half-point deduction for a collision incident Wednesday) almost certainly means he’ll be in the sail-offs in quest of his third Crimson Blazer.

Round 10 (Thursday)

Peter Gilmour, Australia, def. Allan Coutts, New Zealand, 1 minute 16.seconds

Kelvin Harrap, New Zealand, d. Mattias Rahm, Sweden, 1:25

Jes Gram-Hansen, Denmark, d. Gavin Brady, New Zealand, 0:14

Ed Baird, St. Petersburg, Fla., d. Scott Dickson, Long Beach, Calif., 1:08

Terry Hutchinson, Annapolis, Md., d. Cameron Appleton, New Zealand, 1:16

Round 11

Rahm d. Brady, 0:40

Dickson d. Gram-Hansen, 1:04

Baird d. Coutts, 1:17

Gilmour d. Hutchinson, 0:41

Appleton d. Harrap, 0:19

Round 12

Gram-Hansen d. Coutts, 0:37

Baird d. Hutchinson, 0:17

Gilmour d. Harrap, 0:41

Rahm d. Appleton, 0:46

Brady d. Dickson, 0:11

Round 13

Baird d. Harrap, 0:13

Gilmour d. Appleton, 0:27

Dickson d. Rahm, 0:06

Brady d. Coutts, 0:10

Hutchinson d. Gram-Hansen, 0:13

Standings (after 13 of 18 rounds)

1. Gilmour, 11-2

2. Brady, 10-3 (9.5 points)

3. Baird, 9-4

4. tie between Hutchinson and Gram-Hansen, 7-6

6. Harrap, 6-7

7. Appleton, Rahm and Dickson, 5-8

10. Coutts, 0-13.