Two yachts forced to retire early following a port/starboard crash

Two yachts were forced to retire early after a port/starboard collision severely damaged both yachts on Day 4 of Antigua Sailing Week.

According to Peter Anthony, Chairmen of Ondeck, the crash was caused when the Oyster 82, named Starry Night of the Caribbean, crashed into the side of their Farr 65, called Spirit of Isis.

Peter Anthony, Chairman of Ondeck commented: “During the first race today one of our yachts, Spirit of Isis, was involved in a port and starboard incident with Oyster 82, Starry Night that caused serious damage to our Farr 65 and put an end to its continuation in the regatta. I would like to thank Antigua & Barbuda Search & Rescue (ABSAR) and Antigua Coastguard, as well as a boat from the Antigua Sailing Week Organising Committee, for their swift response and assistance. Luckily only very minor injuries were sustained that were treated by the ABSAR crew ashore. Once safely on the dock, the skipper and owner of Starry Night were quick to apologise for the collision showing good sport.”
Skipper of Isis, Vicky Blunt explained:” The regatta was going really well and a fantastic performance has been put in by the team who are mainly charter guests. We were looking forward to another good race vying for a podium position and were climbing steadily through the fleet tacking our way to the windward mark. Whilst we were on starboard tack there was an unfortunate incident involving Starry Night who came at us on port tack, ending our race in dramatic fashion. Thankfully everyone on board responded well and rallied together to bring the boat and crew safely back alongside. Many thanks to ABSAR and the Coastguard for their speedy response and assistance in this incident.”
Other Ondeck charter guests racing on Beneteau First 40.7s and First 40s continue to have a fantastic regatta thanks to the hard working Ondeck team. Following day one of the regatta the First 40.7 Escaped Aussies had an abrupt end when they had a coming together with Asahi, Dehler 47. The Ondeck team came to the rescue, working through the night to prepare a yacht from their sailing school to make it race ready in time for the 10 o’clock start the following day.
Ondeck are arranging a replacement yacht to enable their transatlantic charter guests to sail from Antigua to Portsmouth, UK as planned on Thursday, 10th May. Their event known as the Atlantic Challenge occurs annually following Antigua Sailing Week.

Photo: Ondeck’s Farr 65, Spirit of Isis racing during the 45th Antigua Sailing Week Credit: Paul Wyeth/pwpicturescom