'Welcome to Yorkshire' will be the only English entry from 10 in the next Clipper Round the World Yacht Race

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Yorkshire is set to take on the Clipper 2011-2012 Round the World Yacht Race with the announcement that it is to compete as the only English entry in the ten-strong field.

This will be the third consecutive edition of the Race in which the county has been represented – Hull and Humber raced in Clipper 07-08 and Clipper 09-10.

Founder and chairman of the Clipper Race, Sir Robin Knox-Johnston, said, “I am very happy to say, Welcome to Yorkshire’ for Clipper 11-12. This is the third race in which the county has been represented and it has always been a strong contender, both in the race and in ports of call where Welcome to Yorkshire has already shown itself to be an organisation that comes up with inspiring and effective ways to promote tourism and giving a warm Yorkshire welcome around the world.”

Taking charge of Welcome to Yorkshire will be Brit Rupert Dean. Rupert is no stranger to the Clipper Race having skippered a team twice before in Clipper 98 and Clipper 2000. “I have every intention of winning Clipper 11-12,” said Rupert, 39. “Everyone knows the importance of preparing oneself, the yacht and her crew before the start line, so to manage a complete campaign from start to finish, with everything that entails, is an opportunity I relish.”