Long delays for the start of Steve Fossett's Jules Verne record attempt has led to crew replacements

Steve Fossett and his Cheyenne team are still waiting patiently in Plymouth for a decent weather pattern for the start of their Jules Verne record attempt. What they need is a decent breeze for the start, out the English Channel and across the Bay of Biscay followed by a reasonable passage through the Canaries and south to the equator and the ITZ; basically the classic pattern of a frontal passage and a major high to the west.

The delay however, is starting to affect challenge with two of the 12-strong crew already having pulled out this week due to other commitments. Navigator Stan Honey who’s heading off to navigate the new Pyewacket, has been replaced by Adrienne Cahalan. Thomas Coville has also left the programme due to commitments with launching his 60ft trimaran Sodebo at the end of March. A replacement will be announced soon.

Commenting on the departure of the key members of crew, Fossett said: “I am disappointed for Stan and Thomas that after over a month of intense preparations they do not get to make the trip. It is a disadvantage we have in trying for sailing records that we must wait for the right weather forecast. Fortunately, Adrienne was available – we know she is a top navigator, and we will not lose a step in Cheyenne readiness.”

Fossett also re-confirmed today that there is no change in Cheyenne’s ‘Code Red’ situation at least until Sunday 8 February.