The lanky American's finger nails dig into the carbon fibre

Foncia (ex-Primagaz) calling Planet Earth

from Cam

July 2/2227 UTC (1827 EDT)

Position: 48 04 N 37 06 W

Foncia – Alias Lizard Express – is at 25 knots boat speed, on port jibe and

haulin’ in the miles. It’s not easy to type at this pace on a French keyboard!

We have northwest wind at 23 knots. It’s sunny, wet and wild. Our position at

the three day mark was 47 18N 41 44 W. Seventy two hours gone, and 1482

miles to go.

All aboard are in great spirits and happy mood. Weather is looking excellent

for next 24 hrs and not bad ’til the finish. So we press on with great pace and

hope the wind gods and lords of the seven seas keep shining on us as we shred

the ocean miles. At dawn the colors on the sky and the sea were beyond the

realm of the artists palette. Incredible to say the least. As the sun rose

the fog and clouds cleared.

I was steering this pitching wild ride in the port cockpit (in the port float of the trimaran) 15 feet above the

seas streaming by below. The seas were an e-ticket to ride at 29 kts boat

speed. Finally, I got slammed by an incoming curler. Knocked the wind out of me

so I went down the net to cockpit centrale to steer from there for the

remainder of my watch. Wetter, but I will live longer driving there, as long

as my eyeballs stay attached!

We have a second reef going in now. We continue on the Great Circle Road

with pace and determination to bag this record. We need to keep the boat

speed average up around 19 knots which is do-able.

With the wind in the low 20s, staysail and two reefs in the main is a safe

and rapid combo. More than that and it’s time for to drop the staysail, turn

on the autopilot and everyone heads for a bunk below.

This boat is a machine. There are few words to describe the experience. The

ride on deck or below is wild beyond most peoples’ imagination — bounce,

jump, lurch, surge, jerk, leap, wet spray, wild big wave. Oakley H2O goggles

are a must if you want to see anything on deck. Yeah, this is fun. Sorry you

all can’t be here.

Time for sleep.