Dee Caffari has been through her sail wardrobe and found the little-used Code 0 9/2/06

Date 8 February at 2317

Position S 48° 18’/W 176° 35′

Unfortunately, although we are still heading west we are getting there slowly. We have been sucked into this high pressure that we were hoping to skirt the edge of. As the pressure has risen and the sunshine warmed we have been busy changing our sail plan to a downwind plan. It is a great feeling to be flying the Code 0 in the Southern Ocean and good to see that everything involved in the activity of flying that sail is still in good working order.

I have even managed to sit out for the afternoon on deck enjoying the watery warmth of the sun on my face while still being kept warm by a mid layer. The ocean is a beautiful flat surface with a slight motion of rise and fall to it. The bird life has all been visiting with an increase in smaller birds clearly demonstrating our proximity to land.

It is difficult when conditions are as tranquil as this to remember that nature can deliver life-threatening conditions as well. Having calm conditions makes me feel as if I have more time on my hands and I have been given time now to contemplate the success of the voyage so far. It feels great and makes the second half appear more manageable. I am keen to get through the Southern Ocean but feel more confident towards the second half as we survived so well already.

The warmer and dryer climate also makes me keen to return to the tropics and enjoy that warmth daily. Even small things like washing some socks are easier in kind conditions as they dried in one afternoon. Which is great news for my feet and boots!

Dee and Aviva