Plenty of excitement for Dee Caffari aboard Aviva with just 1,500 miles to go 8/5/06

Date7 May at 2246
PositionN 30° 4′ / W 28° 22′

As the wind eased today and the sky cleared we were able to shake out the reefs and unfurl the headsails allowing for us to keep the boat speed averages high. We are gradually catching the high pressure system to the north of us. We just have to keep our fingers crossed that it continues to move to the east and doesn’t stop on the way. We have been lucky today and have kept our boat speed up. Tomorrow will be interesting to see how well we progress.

The eased sea state has allowed me to open hatches once more and also dry my clothes from the other day when I got soaked on deck from a wave. I can definitely tell the temperature is dropping. The sun is shining and the weather is warm but it is definitely not sunbathing weather anymore. I have even changed to a long sleeved top.

This is now the beginning of my 24th week at sea and all being well, not wanting to tempt fate, this will be our last full week at sea. There will be many lasts over the remaining days. It is keeping me excited and pushing hard, but also it is bringing some more mixed emotions too.

Today we have sailed past the Canaries. We have been well to the west so I have not seen any sign of them. I still have not seen any sign of land since the islands off the South Island of New Zealand back in February. It will be strange when I do finally see sight of land again. There is a chance I may see the Azores as I pass or failing that the next sight of land will be the Lizard light, Cornwall at the finish line. If that is the case I will have sailed around the world and only seen Cape Horn and a bit of New Zealand.

Dee and Aviva