The MDL Cadet C Fleet Nationals were held at the Royal Torbay YC, from Tuesday 21-24 August 2001

The MDL Cadet C Fleet Nationals were held at the Royal Torbay YC, from Tuesday 21-24 August 2001.

Day One

Day one saw a great day’s racing for the C fleet, managing to get in three races with positions chopping and changing all the time and the lead boats involved in the protest room at the end of the day!

The first race saw Naomi Erskine/Zaffie Cox (Wild is the Wind) go right up the beat and the rest go left. Needless to say they led at the first mark with Jonathon Moss/Sophie Dingwall (Cutting Edge) second and Sam Brearey/Claire Proffitt (Shadow) third. By the next windward Jonathon Moss led Richard Newby/Edward Lane (Harum Scarum) second and Naomi Erskine third. By the line Johnathon Moss led Richard Newby and third went to Rebecca Law/Sarah Law (Aqua Star). Richard Newby lost this position in the protest room afterwards.

Race two saw Richard Newby storm away and lead by two legs after the first lap! Second was Hannah Mayhew/Clare Larkman (Flower Power) at the first leeward mark. Third was Johnathon Moss. Apart from Richard Newby the rest of the fleet were very close right up to the line. At the finish Richard Newby crossed first followed by Jonathon Moss and Hannah Mayhew third.

The third race saw two boats break clear, Richard Newby and Simon Green/Lee Argent (Lady in Red). By the close Richard Newby crossed first with Simon Green second and Johnathon Moss third. However, Richard was to be disqualified again in the protest room afterwards.

Day two

After a late start due to lack of wind race four finally got underway at 1500 in two knots of wind. The fleet were equally split up the first beat with Jonathon Moss reaching the windward mark first closely followed by Sam Breary and Jasmine Husband/Victoria Rostand (Grapefruit). Jonathon then extended his lead and Hannah Mayhew came through to third by the leeward mark. By the second leeward mark Hannah was second behind Jonathon with James Borg/Ben Goodrum (Challenger) third. The last beat was very close with Jonathon Moss holding on to win with Hannah Mayhew second and James Borg third.

Race five continued in light winds with a clean start. Richard Newby led at the first windward mark followed by Rebecca Law. The race officer shortened the course at the second windward mark. Richard and Rebecca initially sailed the wrong course letting Sam Brearey and Johnathon Moss into the lead. There was quiet a scrap to the line with Jonathon Moss just beating Sam Breary with Rebecca Law third.

Day three

With a south-westerly Force 2 and the prospect of two races before lunch the fleet got away first time. James Borg had a good start and led up the beat rounding the windward mark clear of Jonathon Moss second and Catherine Hough/Jemima Riley (Jasmine) third. Fourth was Louis Fitzsimmons/Paul Fleming (Legend). At the second windward mark Jonathon Moss led followed by Louis Fitzsimmons and Richard Newby. The last beat saw a great deal of excitement with Jonathon Moss just crossing ahead of Sam Brearey who had been ninth rounding the leeward mark. Louis Fitzsimmons was third with James Borg fourth.

The seventh and last race quickly got underway. One boat was over at the start. At the first mark Jonathon Moss had a good lead from the chasing bunch led by Richard Newby and Louis Fitzsimmons. This lead had stretched by the second windward mark. At the final leeward mark Richard Newby had caught the leader. Louis Fitzsimons was third with Alex Beddoes/Penny Beddoes (Sevenoaks 1) fourth. In the dash to the line Johnathon Moss crossed in front of Richard Newby with Alex Beddoes beating Louis Fitzsimmons.

C Fleet

1st Cutting Edge, Jonathon Moss/Sophie Dingwall (Fishers Green)

2nd Aqua Star, Rebecca/Sophie Law (Parkstone)

3rd Lady in Red, Simon Green/Lee Argent (Otters)

4th Challenger, James Borg/Ben Goodrum (South Cerney)