Round the world sailor Tony Bullimore diverts north in order to carry out rigging repairs 9/5/07

British yachtsman Tony Bullimore who left Hobart last Wednesday on his quest to break the solo circumnavigation record aboard his 102ft catamaran Doha is currently seeking less wind in order to find an opportunity to carry out rigging repairs.

Two days ago, less than one week into his record attempt, Bulllimore was forced to throttle back when the swivel end of the staysail snapped. Fortunately Bullimore was able to retrieve the sail which went overboard but a following 50kt breeze made life very difficult for the 68-year-old.

According to Bullimore’s nephew Stephen Mulvany, it took three hours to retrieve the sail from the water. Mulvany told this morning: “He’s had a tough time of it over the last couple of days but he’s determined to get it fixed and get back on track.”

Bullimore’s sudden diversion to the north-west (see chart) however, does seem a little alarming but Mulvany assures us he’s just trying to escape the big winds, adding: “Tony’s weather guru Lee Bruce says there’s another chasing 45kt breeze so he has advised him to head north for lighter winds. Once he’s found a suitable spot in significantly less winds he’ll be able to head up the 112ft mast and carry out repairs to the staysail fitting, and a few other niggly things.”

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