Strong headwinds delay Tony Bullimore's progress to Auckland 15/5/07

Tony Bullimore who aborted his solo circumnavigation attempt last week see news story here is continuing his battle to reach Auckland in 50kt head winds aboard his 102ft catamaran Doha. He has now spent over two days in treacherous conditions and last night was making just 3kts headway, over 1,000 miles from Auckland at a position of 041° 11’S 163° 10’W.

The plan when he reaches New Zealand is to repair the rig before heading back to Hobart where he intends to re-start the world speed record attempt.

According Barry Pickthall at Bullimore’s press office he’ll set off in the Spring: “Bullimore is not happy at all right now but he’s more determined than ever to go again. He’s now hoping to leave in September, two months before the others like Joyon and Coville set off. He realises it’s too late now to set off again immediately. He has devoted two years of his life to this, it was certainly not done on a whim.”

According to Lee Bruce, Team Bullimore’s weather router, Bullimore faces another day of strong winds before they clock back round to the north-west and decrease to a more manageable 20-25 knots.