In the wake of Geronimo's Jules Verne victory Bruno Peyron issues a challenge to maxi-multi owners to see who is the fastest

After congratulating Olivier de Kersauson and his crew for winning the Jules Verne Trophy, the previous holder, Bruno Peyron, issued this challenge.

“One of the lessons that has been learnt from Geronimo’s difficult trip is certainly the deep frustration caused by attempting a record attempt in very different weather conditions from her virtual competitors, which clearly does not allow for a fair fight. The only way to eliminate this element of chance is to agree to a direct confrontation and therefore to accept a truly competitive race. I’m thus taking advantage of the finish of the circumnavigation by the latest Giant to throw down the gauntlet to all the G-Class boats, on the date of their choice and on the route they decide on, between the First of June and the 15th of August in Northern Europe or between the First and 30th of September in the Mediterranean. I hope that the first to accept this challenge will be one of the two fastest “Giants” in the world, so that this duel will live up to the high ambitions of these exceptional craft”