Crewmember in Fastnet race taken to hospital with broken leg 14/8/07

The Salcombe RNLI all-weather Tyne class lifeboat was called out at 0200 to assist the crew aboard Puma Logic, a Reflex 38 competing in the Rolex Fastnet Race.

The yacht was positioned one mile south of Salcombe in a Force 6 and confused seas, when a crew member – Tom Frame – suffered a broken leg. The 12m yacht skippered by Phillipe Falle was escorted into Salcombe harbour and the casualty was taken to hospital by ambulance. Ironically, although Frame is a client aboard Sailing Logic’s Puma Logic he is also the owner of Sailing Logic’s Bongani – the Pronavia 38 currently leading Class 2.

Allie Smith from Sailing Logic explained to what happened: “It was cold, dark and blowing 40kts plus when it happened. Tom was on the bow. A wave hit him, washed him down off the bow and he caught his leg between the spinnaker pole and the toe rail on the bow and snapped his leg in two places. He’s now in Derriford Hospital.”

Unfortunately for the team Puma Logic once they’d surfed into Salcombe they were unable to leave again so they have now notified the race office of their retirement. Smith continued: “The nearest place to drop off Tom was Salcombe Harbour but with the southerly wind blowing it was totally impossible for them to leave again. Such a shame because they were doing really well. Phillipe’s a bit gutted but generally they are all fine.”