Charles Apthorp and Andy Weatherspoon have won Flying Fifteen South African national championship.

Charles Apthorp and Andy Weatherspoon fought off some tough competition at this week’s Flying Fifteen South African national championship at the Royal Natal Yacht Club to take an overall win.

Having clinched the event with a scoreline which included three first places, the British duo are preparing for the world championship which kicks off on Sunday 1 April.

Overall Results

1st GBR 3591 Charles Apthorp

2nd GBR 3648 Mike Hart

3rd GBR 3721 Steve Goacher

4th GBR 3630 Barry Parkin

5th NZL 3094 Aaron Goodmanson

6th GBR 3603 Brett Dingwall

7th IRL 3621 Darren Martin

8th GBR 3660 Tom Bayliss

9th GBR 3711 Alan Bax

10th AUS 3619 Ronald Packer

Other British Placings

11th GBR 3615 Roger Palmer

14th GBR 3703 Chris Ducker

18th GBR 3699 Simon Kneller

20th GBR 3638 Howard Green

21st GBR 3692 Nicholas Heath

22nd GBR 3689 Neville Herbert

24th GBR 3724 Paul Brown

26th GBR 3635 Ian Cleaver

29th GBR 3653 Robert Hogben

30th GBR 3634 David Nicholls

31st GBR 3645 Colin Nutt