Hugh Styles and Adam May finished fifth overall at the Tornado Europeans

On the final day of the Tornado European championships Hugh Styles and Adam May pulled it out of the bag when it was needed, winning the first race and finishing fifth in the second race on the final day to finish fifth overall.

Styles commented, “The regatta has been one of the toughest I have sailed with big shifts and pressure differences on the race course in every race. This is why Adam and I are so pleased that we finished the regatta on such a high note – winning the ninth race. This puts us right on track for a top performance in Cadiz at the worlds.”

Andreas Hagara and Michael Seidl of Austria won the championship with a race to spare from fellow countrymen Roman Hagara and Hans Peter Steinacher. Andrey Kirilyu and Valery Ushkov of Russia took the bronze medal.

Fellow British sailors Leigh McMillan and Mark Bulkeley had a slightly disappointing championship, after their win last month at SPA Regatta in Holland, finishing in 16th place overall. Team mate Rob Wilson who was sailing for the first time with new crew Martin Sellars finished in 21st place overall.

Wilson commented, “The last four races have been extremely difficult with very light fluky winds. However, I am very happy with my new crew and look forward to next event.”

In the Open event for the Mats Nyberg Trophy, 2002 world champions Darren Bundock and John Forbes from Australia won for the event by nine points from Hagara/Seidl.

Overall Results

1, Andreas Hagara/Michael Seidl, AUT (9,6,2,15,3,1,4,5,6,(DNF)) 51 pts

2, Roman Hagara/Hans Peter Steinacher, AUT (6,1,(14),10,10,6,9,1,15,3) 60 pts

3, Andrey Kirilyuk/Valery Ushkov, RUS (11,13,4,12,1,16,3,(31),4,5) 69 pts


5, Hugh Styles/Adam May (5,7,18,21,7,(RET),12,20,1,7) 98 pts

16, Leigh McMillan/Mark Bulkeley (12,11,17,5,33,5,25,24,(37),19) 151 pts

21, Rob Wilson/Martin Sellars (14,(OCS),8,13,2,23,44,19,24,25) 172 pts

30, Ian Barker/Dan Newman (26,26,33,52,(DNF),18,6,39,26,10) 236 pts