Competitors at the 470s worlds in Slovenia enjoyed a 25 knot breeze

Racing at the 470 world championship commenced in 25 knots of breeze on Friday 14 September, with the men sailing three races and the women two. The RYA Team GBR sailors had a mixed bag of luck with Nick Rogers and Jo Glanfield continuing with a steady string of results, recording a 12th, 11th and a 17th to put them in eighth place overall. Team-mates Graham Vials and Dan Newman sailed well in the first race finishing in fifth position, however, the second race of the day didn’t quite go to plan. “They were looking in good shape, reaching in, with 100 yards to the finish and in ninth place when their rudder snapped in half, resulting in them having to retire from the race” commented Adam Bowers, RYA Team GBR 470 Coach.

In the girl’s fleet, a good day was had by Bekatoru/Tsoulfa from Greece who overtook the Spanish pairing of Via-Dufresne/Azon to take the lead in the championship. RYA Team GBR sailors Christina Bassadone and Jenny Heeley, sailed well in the first race of the day to secure their best result of the regatta so far, a fifth position. However, they could not keep this form in the second race and after capsizing finished 34th.

Libby Greenhalgh and Ali Mcleod also put in a consistent performance and recorded an 18th and a 23rd to put them in 24th position overall. After a good start in the first race finishing in ninth position, the second race didn’t quite go the way Josie Gibson/Saskia Clark would have liked. Bowers explained: “They had to dramatically avoid the Italian boat, as it tacked to close to the them, Saskia hit her elbow very hard on the boom of the Italians who then went on to win a protest against them. To make matters worse Saskia has had to go to physio as it is very swollen.” With the wind expected at over 50 mph today (Saturday) it is unlikely that the 470s will race.


Mens 470 Gold fleet (overall after 6 races)

1st Wilmot/Page AUS

2nd Braslavets/Matvienko UKR

3rd Martinez/Cantero

Team GBR positions

8th Rogers/Glanfield

18th Vials/Newman

25th Plummer/Hawkley

Women’s 470 (overall after 7 races)

1st Bekatoru/Tsoulfa GRE

2nd Via-Dufresne/Azon ESP

3rd Kedmi/Fabrikand

Team GBR positions

17th Bassadone/Heeley

21st Gibson/Clark

24th Greenhalgh/Mcleod