The Professional Windsurfing Association's big event is running from 2-9 December on the Caribbean island of Bonaire.

The Professional Windsurfing Association’s big event is running from 2-9 December on the Caribbean island of Bonaire. This week’s competition is the final event in a series of three to decide who will take the title of 2003 World Freestyle Champion and should provide a very exciting finale to an excellent year in freestyle windsurfing.

The opener, held in Pozo,Gran Canaria, saw Brazillian Ricardo Campello win first place in the men’s competition while Daida Ruano Moreno from Spain was top in the women’s category. In the second round, held in Fuerteventura, it was all change, with top ranking British sailor Robby Swift and Swiss woman Karin Jaggi taking the honours.

The final stop for the cup is the beautiful Caribbean island of Bonaire, fast becoming one of the world’s premier windsurfing destinations thanks to steady trade winds averaging 17-22 knots. The obvious hot contenders are the winners from the first two rounds, all of whom will be competing this week.

Having made second place last year there is no doubt that Ricardo will be putting his all into this competition to come up with the winning freestyle combination. When asked who would be the most likely victor, he calmly replied: “Well if we’d know already we would not have to compete. I will do my best to win, and last year I was pretty close”.

After an impressive victory in Fuerte, Robby will not be holding back either. His answer to the same question: “I would like to say me but the truth is that you can never tell. I will be training really hard but we all know how good Ricardo is when he puts it all together, so we will just have to wait and see on the day.” will be covering the event from start to finish. For more information on the PWA world tour and the previous competitions in the series go to .