Don't miss Matt Sheahan's latest podcast whistle-stop tour of the sailing hall at Excel during the open day of the London Boat Show 8/1/07

Part 1 kicks off with Matthew Sheahan’s whistle-stop tour of the sailing hall at Excel before he interviews British America’s Cup backer Sir Keith Mills, Alex Thompson, Ellen MacArthur and Iain Percy.
Click here for Part 1. 

In Part 2 Ben Ainslie talks about the pressures of balancing an America’s Cup role against his Olympic campaign in the Finn, while Shirley Robertson discusses how she combines being a mother of twins and Olympic training.
Click here for Part 2. 

In addition, Matt visits the all action stand at the heart of the show, that of the UKSA, before talking to Oyster’s Richard Matthews and Laser designer Jo Richards about two brand new designs at opposite ends of the sailing spectrum.