What it feels like to cross an ocean before, during and after the voyage. Watch part one online now.

Blue Water is an intriguing film by Richard Gooderick, which is less action movie than a reflection on the nature of passage making – what it feels like to cross an ocean before, during and after the voyage.

It centres on a Transatlantic passage by Gillian and Graeme Mulcahy, who downsized their house and bought a Sadler Starlight 39 which they live aboard.

While the ‘milk run’ from the Canary Islands to the Caribbean is named for being trouble-free, blessed by trade winds and good weather, this film explores how it remains serious a undertaking to be treated with as much respect as any other ocean crossing.

Goodrick also asks interesting questions about use of technology onboard – is it a master or servant? Just 50 years ago, crossings were undertaken under terms little changed for centuries – with no outside support, Transtlantic passages were very intimate encounters with the ocean.

Similarly, he asks if we still relish the need to be independent and rise to challenges without outside support now that risk is an increasingly dirty word. If so, what is the appropriate level of technology?

Blue Water investigates these issues through the experience of Mulcahys and interviews with other ocean voyagers in boats large and small.

Part one of the video can be viewed at bluewaterfilm.org 

Keep an eye on Yachting World’s news this coming week to find out when part two will be available online.