Important safety notice - recall for corrective action 11/9/07

BFA marine (*) has identified some overpressure valves failures (**) on life rafts in use (***), which may lead to a complete deflation of the compartment when broken.

In the event both overpressure valves of the 2 independent compartments would happen to break, the life raft will not be functional anymore and be useless.

As a preventive measure, BFA marine urges its owners to bring back without delay their life raft to the nearest BFA approved service station, in order to check and potentially replace those overpressure valves.

The scope of the corrective action includes all BFA life rafts manufactured from 1997 until April 2007. (Serial n° from 10 001 to 50 180 until year 2002 and all serial numbers starting by prefix XDC after year 2002).

(*) a brand of Zodiac International company
(**) due to mis-assembly operation
(***) Models concerned: ATLANTIC, PACIFIC, BALTI