Velux 5-Oceans Race leader nearly 2,000 miles ahead 9/2/07

Bernard Stamm leading the Velux 5-Oceans Race aboard Cheminées Poujoulat now has a 1,833 advantage over second placed Kojiro Shiraishi on Spirit of Yukoh.

Having rounded the Horn, Stamm is continuing to record good speeds averaging 17kts over the last six hours. He is now in 30-40kts of westerly breeze heading away from the depths of the Southern Ocean into the Southern Atlantic with the Falkland Islands 300 miles to the west.

News from the leader this morning shows that although the wind is up the sea state is fair which means Stamm is able to make the most of the perfect conditions. Stamm confirmed: “It is strong, but the sea is regular and it is safe to put the big sails on.”

Meanwhile the chasing pack continues to compress despite gale force winds. In fourth place, Graham Dalton is southernmost of the trailing three at 52° South with A Southern Man – AGD and reported 45 knots earlier this morning: “Fairly willing down here at present,” the Kiwi skipper commented. And issuing a warning for the two boats in the north Dalton added: “They’re going to get a wake up call shortly on their ‘tropical route'”.