Following the huge controversy surrounding the dropping of their skipper Clairsse Cremer, Banque Populaire has decided not to compete in the next Vendée Globe

In early February Clarisse Cremer broke the news she had been dropped as skipper for the 2024 Vendée Globe by her sponsor Banque Populaire. Now, following a month of terrible coverage in the press the French bank, and long time sailing sponsor, has announced they will not participate in the forthcoming Vendée.

In a statement on their website and on their social media channels the French banking giant stated:

Banque Populaire now considers that the conditions are no longer met to be able to calmly approach the Vendée Globe and announces its withdrawal from the 2024 edition.

Banque Populaire regrets the current situation and understands the emotion it has aroused in the public.

Committed to the world of sailing for more than 30 years, Banque Populaire will continue to support clubs, schools, French sailing teams and its offshore racing team all over the world’s oceans throughout France.

Banque Populaire will actively continue its involvement in work that helps advance the role of women in sport, particularly in ocean racing.

IMOCA 60 skipper Clarisse Cremer, who has recently given birth to her first child, and who currently holds the record for being the fastest woman to sail solo around the world, raced for Banque Populaire in the last Vendée Globe, and was due to take the helm of the former Apivia for the same backers in the 2024 race.

In a post on her Facebook page in early February Cremer announced she had been dropped and explained that, although she wasn’t obligated to, she had told her sponsors in February 2021 that she planned to start a family.

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“They still chose me for this new Vendée Globe and communicated our mutual commitment in autumn 2021.

“I learned last Friday that Banque Populaire had finally decided to replace me. By their decision, and despite my constant will, I will not be part of the Vendée Globe 2024.”

In the weeks since that initial announcement many professional sailors, and politicians have come out in support of Cremer and to denounce her treatment by Banque Populaire. There has also been considerable speculation as to who would take up the role of skipper for the sponsor following such a monumental backlash.

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