Pete Goss and crew head South without clean underwear as bad weather halts rescue 'drop'

Pete Goss and the crew of Spirit of Mystery, who left UK shores this week en route to Australia, left their underwear in a launderette in Newlyn before commencing their epic voyage.

Stuart Elford, a Director of Formedia – the company handling Pete’s media communications – heard the terrible news and planned a rescue mission.

Stuart Elford explained: “The satellite tracking device gives us an exact course, speed and position for the boat, updated twice daily. So, all we had to do was buy several packs of underwear, pack them in a floating waterproof bag and fly to their latest position. We could get there in less than two hours, make a drop beside the boat and return.”

Unfortunately, the weather conspired against the mission, and by the time it clears they will be out of range of light aircraft from the UK.

“The crew of the original Mystery would not have had this sort of support, so perhaps it is fitting that we didn’t make the air-drop,” added Stuart. “I’m sure a lack of underwear will not be a major challenge compared to what else the team will face. They have already battled sea-sickness in very rough conditions on their first night at sea and have the might of the Southern Ocean yet to face.”