Dave Hayes and Sean Dwyer won last weekend's B14 meeting at Thorpe Bay YC

The B14 fleet arrived at Thorpe Bay together with the 49ers and 29ers on 21-22 September.

Three races were scheduled for each day and the fleet launched into a lightish but gusty and oscillating northerly wind that made conditions particularly tricky by the windward mark.

Dave Hayes and Sean Dwyer in Sea-Sure started as they meant to carry on by winning the first two races. They were followed in race one by Matt Searle and Rich Bell in Sprint and Simon Nelson and Andy Ramus. In race two they were followed by Simon and Andy and Mark Barnes and Tom Pygall in Readycrest.

Race three saw Matt and Rich come to the fore, followed by Dan Willett and Stuart Philips and Simon and Andy, who had put together a consistent 3,2,3 scoreline, but could not compete on the Sunday.

The event was therefore looking like it would come down to a two-way battle between Dave and Sean, carrying a 1,1,6 and Matt and Rich with 2,4,1.

Sunday dawned with substantially more breeze that Saturday, but still from the north and shifty.

Matt and Rich led for three and a half laps of the four-lap fourth race, closely followed by Dave and Sean with Mark and Tom closing on both the leaders. But their final kite hoist went wrong and they found themselves in a tangle, and in the lee of a 49er, as their pursuers gybed off into breeze. Dave and Sean won, very closely followed by Mark and Tom.

The event was decided in the fifth race when Matt and Rich, who were leading again, capsized as a particularly vicious squall hit the fleet. The race officer sensibly shortened to two laps and Dave and Sean kept the metal above the plastic to win the race from Dan and Stuart.

For race six the squall had passed but conditions were still pretty lively. Matt and Rich opted for an early shower in the knowledge that they had finished second overall whatever. Dave and Sean stayed on the water to enjoy the conditions and won the final race too, though they were pushed all the way by Mark and Tom.

Overall Results

1st 749, Dave Hayes and Sean Dwyer (Sea-Sure) – Southport/Maidenhead SC

2nd 725, Matt Searle and Rich Bell (Sprint) – Hayling Island SC

3rd 695, Mark Barnes and Tom Pygall (Readycrest) – Whitstable YC