CSC take two wins on day two 26/6/06

The second day of the B14 Europeans at Whitstable YC started with a building easterly sea breeze yesterday.

Race 3 got off at the first attempt in a building Force 3 and glorious sunshine. On the first beat the fleet split to either side of the course with 754 (Mike Bees/Martin Worth) leading in from the left. 754 led round the windward mark followed AT&T (Tim Fells/Shaun Barber) and 763 (Don Forster/Kate Forster). On the run the two movers were Readycrest (Mark Barnes/Karen Wiseman) and CSC (Chris Bines/Dave Gibbons).

CSC hit hard left to come out first at the leaward mark followed by Readycrest who had gone right. During the race these two stayed in close contention with CSC taking the win from Readycrest followed by PICA (Mark Watts/Tim Rogers).

Race four and the breeze had built to a Force 3-4. With the fleet pushing the line several boats had to return. The big movers on the beat were Rogate (Wayne Dixon/Trish Dixon) on the right and PICA, AT&T and Readycrest from the left.

On the run PICA broke away followed by a close pack led by AT&T, 763 and Rogate. At the leeward mark PICA led from AT&T followed by Readycrest. Throughout the race PICA held a steady lead with AT&T jousting with Readycrest and 764 (Nils Jolliffe/Jon Branch). On the run into the finish after 3 laps, PICA won but Readycrest nailed AT&T at the finish to second by a bowsprit.

Race five and the ebb tide was in full flow. With the fleet keen for the committee boat end at the start, there were some piling up just before the gun with AT&T being the big casualty, being firmly parked alongside the committee boat as the gun went resulting in his retirement.

Off the line it was CSC and 764 leading out to the left and Rogate out to the right. At the windward mark it was CSC from Gutted Hedgehog (Matt Searle/Rich Bell) and PICA. CSC hoisted the kite and maintained the biggest lead of the day building up to 150m by the finish from Gutted Hedgehog that narrowly beat PICA followed by Readycrest who were overlapped at the finish.

After two days of close racing CSC and Gutted Hedgehog are tied for first with all to play for on the last day.

With a bit of luck the Champagne racing shall carry on for another day, with another day of tight racing expected.

Overall Results

l 775 CSC Chris Bines and David Gibbons Brightlingsea SC 7 pts

2 773 Gutted Hedgehog Matt Searle and Rich Bell HISC 7 pts

3 768 Readycrest Mark Barnes and Karen Wiseman Whitstable Yacht Club 12 pts

4 772 PICA Mark Watts and Tim Rogers Mayflower SC 13 pts

5 764 Nils Jolliffe and Jon Branch WYC 14 pts