Dom Mee and team have less than 1,000 miles to go to complete Atlantic challenge 8/2/07

The British Ocean Rowing Quest team’s skipper Dom Mee has contacted the shore team less than a thousand miles from Barbados. With just 12 days left to break the 15-year-old Atlantic Rowing record, it looks like being a photo-finish see original news story here. 

Apparently team moral remains very high. Mee commented: “?as we have just passed the final 1,000 mile mark, so the numbers get smaller from here on. I am really proud of my team they have met every challenge on this voyage head on and passed with flying colours.

“My mind is never far from the stopwatch which drives my mad, I swear I can hear it tick in my sleep. In my imaginary race with ‘la Mondial’, she is currently 70 miles a head after our bout of headwinds but we are closing the gap. It is going to be very close, so fingers crossed.

“Mike Broughton of, our ace weather man, says for the next ten days the weather looks good all the way to Barbados and boy I am needing a rum. Life on board is generally busy for Ed and myself as we live in the stern cabin so have to do the majority of the boat admin. Such as making water from the Spectra and cooking for the boys. On top of the gruelling rowing effort. The days pass quickly the night time seems the longest and everyone is pretty tired at breakfast which consists of rolled oats.

“I am enjoying the lack of hurricanes, sea ice and polar bears which normally threaten me on expeditions its hard work, but low on the danger front which is nice for a change. Ed is doing a great job as first mate on board and Tom (T1000) and Pete (Birdy Bird) are working hard and keeping us entertained from the Gimp Locker (front cabin).

“Our Innotec MS1000 is proving its worth again and is being used for everything we even thought about using it for personal chaffing problems (which are not good for moral). All is going well and with only 12 days to push for the record it going to be pretty full on.

“People always ask what motivates me; It is simply rum and I believe that Barbados knows all about that tipple!!”