The crew of Asolare record their biggest catch

194nm covered in 24hours (Just one less than yesterday!). Average speed 8.08 Knots

Position at 12:00 UTC 29 November 2009: 18.38N 34.03W

Another good day in terms of mileage towards St Lucia, but otherwise delightfully uneventful. Afternoon sunshine gave way to a quiet evening with just one or two big wind-shifts keeping crew on their toes.

Mizzen Ballooner and No2 Gennaker flown throughout the last 24hrs, trouble free after the initial trepidation reported yesterday. This sail combination while needing careful observation proved sound, safe … and fast. And gave us the Northings required to launch the carefully repacked Parasalior this morning.

While all good in the sailing department, the fish tally only increased from 5 to 6 but sadly it was decreed that the 6th was too small to count! Tuna lure goes out tomorrow.


Another good day – Spaghetti Bolognaise for lunch, and for evening meal all 5 crew sat together and enjoyed half of the large Mahi mahi caught and cooked by Stephen – in a olive, tomato and red onion sauce, spinach and cous cous.  If that wasn’t enough Mark decided he wanted to bake – and after flicking through a Bero book he made a modified spotted dick – lemon sponge completed in 2.5 mins in the microwave – served with custard.  Delicious!

Our tactics have served us well so far.  Opting for white sails for the first few days until all the crew had found their feet as well as using the 2 acceleration zones of Gran Canaria and Tenerife.  Then we came a long way south-west with the trades – and yesterday afternoon headed as far north as we could reach to get away from the tropical weather to the south and to give us a better angle to day following the launch of our secret weapon – the Para sailor.  The skipper is quite pleased with himself – we are now sailing on a direct line to St Lucia with the wind directly behind us 15kts true and making 7.5knts.