Challenge Business announce new race entry

The latest team sign up for the Challenge Business’ Corinthian Challenge is the Royal Signals Yacht Club, to be crewed exclusively by serving members of the British Army’s Royal Corps of Signals. The Royal Signals’ Challenge 67 – aptly named – Adventure is a Nicholson 55 being provided and supported by the Joint Services Adventurous Sail Training Centre.

At a conference held at the Southampton Boat Show, Sir Chay Blyth, Executive Chairman of Challenge Business, expressed his support for the latest entry commenting: “As a former British Army ‘para’ I am delighted that the Army will be participating? it will be a true test of man against the elements, with camaraderie and competition to spur the best from the whole crew. This is just what HM Forces adventure training should encompass.”

The Royal Signals team is headed by Major Charles Roberts of the Royal Corps of Signals. The crew of Adventure will be selected from the Royal Corps of Signals and is planned to involve about 72 sailors, with crew changes after most legs.

Major Roberts added: “This is just the sort of challenge the Army needs. It will provide a unique experience for the soldiers and will enhance their teamwork and leadership abilities as well as pushing them to the limits. These are skills which the British Army regards as essential in its soldiers and officers and it will provide excellent training for the demands that are now placed on the soldiers of today.”

The race, which is scheduled to start in September 17 2006, will comprise a total of eight legs including stops in the Canary Islands, South Africa, Western Australia, New Zealand, South America, Caribbean and back to the UK by April/May 2007. Although there are only two confirmed entries so far (Hilary Cook and Peter Hopps from London Corinthian Sailing Club, and Royal Signals Yacht Club) Blyth believes there’s plenty of interest including possibly entering a boat himself for the entire challenge. Roddie Ainslie, father of double Olympic gold medallist Ben Ainslie, was also present at the Southampton conference and confirmed his interest in the race.

For the race to go ahead however, there needs to be a total of 15 boats entered each paying a £30,000 entry fee.

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