Firefly, 11 December 2001: I have just asked Stewart and Duncan what they will do first when we arrive on Rodney Bay. Apart from the obvious, ribald replies both were surprisingly coy and said that they’d let me know tomorrow

Firefly, 11 December 2001
14° 57N 55° 59 W
Distance to St Lucia 293 miles

A good day’s run of 185 miles yesterday has now brought St Lucia to within five Solent/Cherbourg crossings and an ETA of sometime during Wednesday night.

As the forecast, supplied to World Cruising Club by WCS Marine and remarkably accurate so far for the whole crossing, indicates a steady 15-20 knots for the home run I’m hopeful that we’ll manage this crossing without being totally becalmed and without resorting to the engine. Right now, with a course of 245 M we’re headed straight for Barbados, waiting until the other tack is favourable when we’ll gybe across towards St Lucia.

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