Lord Nelson's Ball on Saturday night brings 2006 Rolex Antigua Sailing Week to a close 8/5/06

While the majority of competitors at Rolex Antigua Sailing Week enjoyed a day of rest after a week’s worth of challenging Caribbean sailing, organisers transformed the Regatta Village in Nelson’s Dockyard into the site of the Lord Nelson’s Ball on Saturday.

The evening prizegiving, where over 100 trophies were handed out, is the highlight of the traditional closing ceremony for the week. This year, winners in five classes also received Rolex Steel Submariner timepieces for overall victory. The event, now in its 39th year, hosted thousands of competitors representing 30 countries aboard 191 boats.

From Sunday, April 30 through Friday, May 5, the event’s organising committee, led by Neil Forrester, chairman and general manager of the Antigua Hotel and Tourist Association, hosted daily racing where over the first two days of racing the fleet moored first in Dickenson Bay, then at Jolly Harbour Marina on the west coast of the island, then returning back to English and Falmouth Harbours for racing along the southern coast. Festive shore side entertainment featured daily live music and hospitality within the Regatta Village.

Despite a few set backs in the schedule – day two’s windward/leeward racing was cancelled for Division A for lack of wind and a protest in Division B over a miscommunication about a specific mark rounding in race three – competitors concluded that this year’s rendition of the Caribbean classic was memorable. Great racing, a variety of parties at unique venues and classic island weather contributed to the experience.

Saturday morning’s Bareboat Championship Race – where the top three finishers in each Bareboat class compete against each other in a fleet race – was a victory by Sweden’s Jan Soderberg. Soderberg and crew, aboard a chartered Moorings 445, won this week’s Bareboat IV class with straight first-place wins. All five of the Bareboat classes were represented in a fleet of 16 entries.

In all 30 countries are represented with the most entries coming from the United Kingdom. Caribbean nations represented are Antigua and Barbuda, Bahamas, Bermuda, Cayman Islands, Guadeloupe, Martinique, Netherlands Antilles, Puerto Rico, Saint Lucia, Saint Marten, Trinidad And Tobago, with additional representatives from Australia, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Guyana, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Russia, Scotland, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland.

The International Jury was led by Arthur Wullschleger with members Chris Martin (ANT), Dean Cady (USA), Warwick Coppelson (USA), Graeme Hayward (CAN), Peter Jolly (GBR), John Osmond (USA) and Geoffrey Pidduck (ANT).

Race Committee headed by Tom Paterson with Dave Arnold and Peter Grimm serving as Principal Race Officers for Divisions A and B, respectively.


Racing fleet
Class, position, winner, trophy name
Overall, 1st, ROSEBUD, Lord Nelson Trophy
Overall, 2nd, TITAN 12, West Indies Publishing Cup
Overall, 3rd, HIGH LIFE, VISA International Cup

Racing Big Boat 1, 1st, ROSEBUD, Curtain Bluff Trophy
Racing Big Boat 1, 2nd, TITAN 12, Delta Cup
Racing Big Boat 1, 3rd, NUMBERS,

Racing Class 3, 1st, HIGHLIFE, PriceWaterhouseCoopers Cup
Racing Class 3, 2nd, DSK-COMIFIN, AHTA Cup
Racing Class 3, 3rd, CRASH TEST DUMMIES,

Round the Island Race, Best Elapsed Time, TITAN 12, Yachting World Trophy

Racing Class 4, 1st, LOST HORIZON II, American Airlines Cup
Racing Class 4, 2nd, ENZYME, Quinn Farara Cup
Racing Class 4, 3rd, CACCIA ALLA VOLPE,
Racing Class 4, X Cat 15yrs , LOST HORIZON II,

Overall Racer/Cruiser , 1st, JUSTDOIT 3, Sanhall Trademarks Trophy
Overall Racer/Cruiser , 2nd, CHIPPEWA, Global Bank of Commerce Cup
Overall Racer/Cruiser , 3rd, LADY FIRST 2, Catamaran Marina Cup

Racer/Cruiser Class 1, 1st, JUSDOIT 3, Red Stripe Cup
Racer/Cruiser Class 1, 2nd, LADY FIRST 2, E.E Williams Memorial Cup
Racer/Cruiser Class 1, 3rd, DISCO INFERNO II,

Racer/Cruiser Class 2, 1st, EXOCET STRIKE, Air Canada Cup
Racer/Cruiser Class 2, 2nd, LANCELOT, Universal Cup
Racer/Cruiser Class 2, 3rd, SPRIT OF VENUS,

Racer/Cruiser Class 3, 1st, EXIHIB’X, Bank of Antigua Trophy
Racer/Cruiser Class 3, 2nd, VRIJGEZEILIG, Temo Sports Trophy
Racer/Cruiser Class 3, 3rd, MADININA WEAR,
Racer/Cruiser Class 3, Z Cat 20yrs , PIPE DREAM,

Overall Performance Cruiser, 1st, THREE HARKOMS, Chippy Seaward Sales Trophy
Overall Performance Cruiser, 2nd, OYSTERCATCHER XXV, Helical Moorings Cup
Overall Performance Cruiser, 3rd, HUGO-B, National Parks Heritage Trophy

Performance Cruiser 1, 1st, OYSTERCATCHER XXV, Big Banana Trophy
Performance Cruiser 1, 2nd, SELENE,
Performance Cruiser 1, 3rd, SOJANA,
Performance Cruiser 1, Z Cat 20yrs , PIAMANZI,

Performance Cruiser 2, 1st, THREE HARKOMS, Antigua & Barbuda Investment Bank Trophy
Performance Cruiser 2, 2nd, HUGO-B,
Performance Cruiser 2, 3rd, L’ESPERANCE,
Performance Cruiser 2, Z Cat 20yrs , HUGO-B,
Performance Cruiser 3, 1st, PAVLOVA II, British Airways Trophy
Performance Cruiser 3, 2nd, BUDGET MARINE
Performance Cruiser 3, 3rd, BULLE 12
Performance Cruiser 3, Z Cat 20yrs , PAVLOVA II

Overall Cruising Classes, 1st, SPIRIT OF THE NORTH, Peter Deeth Cup
Overall Cruising Classes, 2nd, SOUTHERN DREAM, Cable & Wireless Trophy
Overall Cruising Classes, 3rd, ACADIA, A & F Sails Trophy

Cruising Class 1, 1st, SPIRIT OF THE NORTH, Island Provision Trophy
Cruising Class 1, 2nd, SOUTHERN DREAM
Cruising Class 1, 3rd, DRAGON FLY
Cruising Class 1, Z Cat 20yrs , IKRA II

Cruising Class 2, 1st, ACADIA, Admirals Inn Trophy
Cruising Class 2, 2nd, SUNSHINE
Cruising Class 2, 3rd, SEABISCUIT
Cruising Class 2, Z Cat 20yrs , ACADIA,

Overall Bareboat, 1st, CHESS, The Governor-General’s Cup
Overall Bareboat, 2nd, MOBY, Sunsail Trophy
Overall Bareboat, 3rd, DURLEY DENE, Bailey’s Irish Cream Trophy

Bareboat Class 2, 1st, MOBY, Antigua Slipways Cup
Bareboat Class 2, 2nd, NANDINA
Bareboat Class 2, 3rd, ROAM

Bareboat Class 3, 1st , KH P ORIENT, Jolly Harbour Trophy
Bareboat Class 3, 2nd, KH P MARILYN
Bareboat Class 3, 3rd, JULIANA

Bareboat Class 4, 1st , CHESS, Western Union Cup
Bareboat Class 4, 2nd, SEA BREEZE
Bareboat Class 4, 3rd, WHICH DR

Bareboat Class 5, 1st, AT LAST, LIAT, The Caribbean Airlines Cup
Bareboat Class 5, 2nd, SWING
Bareboat Class 5, 3rd, PEARL ISALAND

Bareboat Class 6, 1st, DURLEY DENE, Dewars Highlander Trophy
Bareboat Class 6, 2nd, CENT LIEUES
Bareboat Class 6, 3rd, SUNSAIL LADY CADES

Championship Challenge, 1st, CHESS, Special Award
Championship Challenge, 2nd, DURLEY DENE, Special Award
Championship Challenge, 3rd, SEA BREEZE, Special Award

Special Trophies
Best Elapsed Time (RB1 & R3), Div A, TITAN 12, CIBC Trophy
Best Elapsed Time (R4 & RC1/2), Div A, CHIPPEWA, Celtic Cup
Best Elapsed Time, Div B, OYSTERCATCHER XXV, Christl Cup
Best Mega Yacht (over 100ft), Winner, SOJANA, Gleistein Ropes Trophy
Best Yacht over 60ft, Winner, TITAN 12, Black & White Cup
Best Ultra Light Disp over 50ft, Winner, ROSEBUD, Seac Banche Trophy
Best Swan, Div A, DSK-COMIFIN, Antigua Breweries Cup
Best Swan, Div B, PAVLOVA II, Seagull Services Cup
Best Caribbean Yacht, Div A, TITAN 12, Beefeater Trophy
Best Caribbean Yacht, Div B, DURLEY DENE, American Express Cup
Best Antigua Yacht, Div A, LOST HORIZON II, Hightide Trophy
Best Antigua Yacht, Div B, SUNSHINE, Antigua Air Station Trophy
Best British Yacht, Div A, EXOCET STRIKE, Fletcher Trophy
Best American Yacht, Div A, ROSEBUD, Ricochet Cup
Best German Yacht, Winner, KH P ORIENT, KH P Cup
Best Crewed Charter Yacht, Winner, GIENAH, B.O.A.C Cup
Best Yacht Sailed by Women, Winner, SEA BISCUIT, Holtmann Cup
Best Classic Yacht, Winner, SUNSHINE, Mollihawk Trophy